Dry Cleaner Wins $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

I can’t believe this case even went to court, but it did and after two days of testimony, the judge actually had to take a few days to think about how she would rule. The ruling finally came down today and Mr. $54 million lost:

Three Korean immigrants who own a Washington dry cleaner won’t lose their shirts for allegedly misplacing a pair of pants belonging to a local judge, after a court rejected his $54 million lawsuit.

Judge Judith Bartnoff of the District of Columbia Superior Court ruled for the shop owners, Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Chung, after a two-day trial earlier this month.

Bartnoff rejected a claim by Roy Pearson, an administrative law judge in Washington, that a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign posted in the Chungs’ shop required them to meet his demands that they compensate him for the pants, which they denied losing.

“A reasonable consumer would not interpret `Satisfaction Guaranteed’ to mean that a merchant is required to satisfy a customer’s unreasonable demands or to accede to demands that the merchant has reasonable grounds to dispute,” Bartnoff wrote in a 23-page opinion released today.

Pearson was ordered to pay the Chungs’ court costs, but he also should be required to pay their legal fees, too. Unfortunately, however, this thing may not be over; Pearson just may appeal the ruling.

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