Vice President Steele?

With so much time to go before the 2008 elections, I thought I would take a break from speculation about the presidential hopefuls and think a bit about who the perfect VP candidate would be. The obvious choice to me is Michael Steele. Read the reasons I list here. In the spirit of full disclosure, I probably should remind readers that I am a bit biased toward Steele and have been ever since I got that hug back in April.

The Republican candidates for President and Vice President in 2008 need to be excellent communicators. One of the biggest failings of the Bush presidency has been the inability to effectively communicate. Michael Steele is one of the best communicators the Republican party has today. Not only did I see that in his innovative television advertisements and campaign appearances, but in a speech I watched him give in North Carolina recently.

In April I attended the Civitas Institute’s Conservative Leadership Conference and heard some excellent speakers, including presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. No one, however, was any more impressive than Michael Steele. In the speech he talked about the opportunity he found in the Republican party. He was funny and energetic and got a wildly enthusiastic response.

Michael Steele is a proud conservative Republican who not only knows why he believes what he does, but he knows how to explain it to others in such a way that it makes sense. If that is not what is needed in the Republican party today, I don’t know what is.

Update: This column by Steele is more proof that he is just what the Republican party needs today.

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