To live outside the law, you must be silent

One element of the illegal immigration issue that gets very little play is the overwhelming humanitarian concern, the one reason that should cut across all political lines and unite us all on ending the crisis — the fact that illegal aliens form a ready-made “victim class” for predators.

It’s perfect for the criminal element. Here are a whole class of people who tend to keep their money in cash and have a tremendous motive for not involving the authorities in their affairs, no matter what happens to them. They can be robbed, assaulted, raped, even murdered with very little fear that they will turn to those who are supposed to protect them.

In Massachusetts, police have just held a crackdown on Nantucket Island, rounding up 18 of these predators. In a very rare event, illegal aliens actually cooperated with police in getting these (alleged) scumbags off the streets.

This is one of my major problems with the proposed immigration bill. I simply don’t have faith that the enforcement aspects will actually be enforced. That has been the downfall of prior immigration reforms, as well as many other “reform” measures.

The idea of ending illegal immigration is not entirely about protecting Americans. It’s also, to many such as myself, about protecting those who would become illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are a ready-made underclass, a group that can be exploited in pretty much any way — financially, socially, physically, sexually, politically, any way you can imagine — with impunity, because they are far less likely to report the exploitation, and instead simply chalk it up to part and parcel of the price of being in the United States.

We got rid of slavery about a century and a half ago. We took on the remnants of that era with the Civil Rights movement that kicked into gear about half a century ago. Historically, it might seem that we have a need for a permanent underclass we can exploit and abuse freely, but I believe we’re better than that.

I have to believe that.

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