Their significance is petering out

I just finished listening to the latest entry in Katie Couric’s Staff’s Notebook, and it was a big wet sloppy kiss for Jimmy Carter. (I listen to “America In The Morning,” and they now carry Katie Couric’s Staff’s Notebook.)

Jimmy Carter. Is he still alive? He must be — I think I would have remembered his funeral. I remember the public observances of the passing of Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Nixon; I doubt I would have missed Jimmuh’s.

Carter’s latest asshattery (of which examples are legion) is his blasting Europe, the US, and the rest of the world for not embracing Hamas.

Hamas, as you might recall, is the Islamist terrorist group that won the last round of elections in the Palestinian territories. Since then, they’ve launched attacks on Israel, engineered a bloody coup against Fatah in Gaza, and even massacred Palestinian civilians trying to flee into Israel.

Some of the highlights of their conquest of Gaza involved shooting people in the streets, tossing them off buildings, and other carnage.

But all that is irrelevant to Jimmuh. What matters is that Hamas won an ELECTION, one he helped oversee. And once someone has a Carter-certified ELECTION, then they can do no wrong and those who don’t embrace the winners are just showing how racist they are, and how much they hate democracy.

Someone needs to give Jimmuh a bit of a history lesson. One of Hamas’ biggest backers is Iran — that’s the same Iran that can lay claim to a healthy portion of the credit for Jimmuh being a one-term president. Yes, Reagan was a juggernaut who would most likely have steamrollered over Jimmuh anyway, and Jimmuh himself deserves a healthy portion of the credit for his loss, but the mullahs in Iran helped tremendously.

I guess he’s forgiven them for that.

So we have a vapid (but perky) twit cheering on a superannuated twit who is trying to desperately to redeem his image as a has-been, but instead rapidly converting himself into a never-was.

Katie Couric and Jimmuh Carter. Could there be two people who better embody the Peter Principle?

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