Just Curious On One Point …

I’d like to take a short poll, just four questions actually, but it’s important you are clear about what I am asking.

President Bush has been more than slightly unpopular in the media, in the job opinion polling, and in just about every conversation involving the “I Should Be POTUS” crowd. Got it, no need to revisit that for here.

But what about the man himself? Do you like President George W. Bush?

For question 2, how about respect? Whether or not you agree with him or his position on the issues, do you respect the man?

For question 3, is there anyone among the candidates running for President whom you find especially likable? Again, not whether you agree with them on an issue or would even vote for them, but just do you like that person?

For question 4, how about respect? Are there any candidates, whether or not you agree with them, that you personally respect?


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