Be careful what you wish for…

…because you just might get it.

Witness this fellow.

He, like many Palestinians in Gaza, has long had a series of wishes. First, they wanted the Israelis out of Gaza. He got that wish.

Then, when elections were held, they wanted Hamas to represent them. They got that wish.

Then, they wanted an end to the Fatah corruption in their midst. They got that wish.

So, where are they now?

Governed by an Islamist terrorist group. Blocked off on all borders — Egypt sealing their borders, Hamas sealing the crossings into Israel. And never knowing when Hamas might decide that your yard is the perfect launching point for more rockets aimed at Israel, turning your home into a military target.

Congratulations, people of Gaza. You’ve willingly signed up to be Hamas’ hostages. Hamas can now demand that the rest of the world care for you, supply you with food and water and electricity and all the necessities of life, while they — your duly elected government, the ones that claim to have driven Israel out of Gaza while insisting that Israel continue to supply basic utilities — focus all their attention, all their resources, on war.

You got just what you have wanted, what you have asked for, what you have fought for, what you demanded, what you voted for.

Hope you enjoy it.

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