A Few Good Links

I have found it hard to blog this week with the kids home and lots of household duties to attend to, but I did check out a few things online this morning and thought I would share them here.

Mary Katharine Ham has a great column today about Jessica Alba and other celebrities who identify as Americans first. It also includes an excellent discussion of English-only and describes the treatment Alba and others receive from some for being traitors to their race. Oh, and there is a really pretty picture of Alba on the page.

Lucianne links to this article about Duke University protecting what Lucianne refers to as the 88 Nifong Nutballs. (Ha. I wonder what she really thinks.)

Hillary is getting booed by liberals who don’t like her position on Iraq. Update: Here is a liberal account of the booing. Michelle Malkin notes progress — the booing was not as loud as last year.

James Lewis reminds us of the 1995-96 Clinton INS fraud and why it is relevant today.

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