Your move, Mike

Michael Moore is the gift that keeps on giving. First up, he slipped one of his bigger critics a cool twelve grand “anonymously” to help the guy cover his wife’s health insurance (a “gift” that got plenty of play in his newest mockumentary). Then he gave his film distributors all kinds of aggravation when he announced that he didn’t care if anyone downloaded and watched his film off the internet — even before it hit the theatres.

North Dakota’s most famous blogger (and Wizbang Guest Poster Emeritus) Rob Port has taken Mike up on his too-kind offer, and posted the complete film over on his always-excellent blog.

I’ll be curious to find out just how long Rob’s version will stay up before Moore’s backers (who have a serious financial interest in people NOT doing just what Mike has encouraged them to do) have their lawyers send Rob a nastygram. In the meantime, though, feel free to wander over and see what the Riefenstahl of Flint has spun this time.

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