The Wall Street Journal's "Rising Anti-Immigrant Sentiment"

As you undoubtedly recognize, the mainstream media and a variety of liberals are deeply concerned about the fate of The Wall Street Journal. Run by the Bancroft family, this internationally respected newspaper is being fiercely sought by the purportedly evil Rupert Murdoch and his purportedly evil News Corp.

As far as the media elites are concerned, Mr. Murdoch wants to turn the Journal into a New York Post clone, thereby ruining its feverishly non-partisan approach to the news. He will, think many of our lefty pals, compel the Journal‘s staff to parrot its right-wing editorial page’s line. As a result, in the past few weeks the Journal has run a few 50-million word reports on the likely effects of a successful News Corp. takeover, which read more like attempts at frightening subscribers than objective news stories.

Now, we, the crack young staff of “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” happen to esteem the Journal‘s news division. Even though we can detect a mild left-liberal bent to its coverage, we think it offers something exceedingly rare in the world of American journalism: News written for adults. The news reports in the Journal are of almost uniform high quality, easily surpassing the kiddie-pool dross one reads in The New York Times.

But let’s not pretend, shall we, that The Wall Street Journal is an unimpeachable cynosure of journalistic objectivity. This is simply absurd.

Proof of our contention came across our desks in the form of a piece in the June 16-17 issue of the Journal. It’s found in a section called “The Week Ahead: Our Take on Coming Events,” the mere existence of which demonstrates the fact that semi-opinion pieces can be found amongst the paper’s news stories.

Penned by one Gerald F. Seib, the article in question bears the title “For Republicans, Poll Shows Perils.” Amidst an unremarkable discussion of the pitfalls for the GOP associated with the current debate over illegal immigration legislation, Mr. Seib produces the following paragraph:

To be sure, some feelings about immigration appear to be bipartisan at this time of rising anti-immigrant sentiment. A striking 73% of those surveyed [in a recent WSJ/NBC poll] said they strongly favored requiring all immigrants who apply to become citizens to learn English, and 57% strongly favor imposing new fines on businesses that hire illegal aliens.

Here you see all the telltale signs of lefty media bias. Notice how Mr. Seib blithely conflates concern with illegal immigration with “rising anti-immigrant sentiment.” Not “anti-illegal immigrant sentiment,” mind you, but “anti-immigrant sentiment” wholesale.

And just ponder Mr. Seib’s proof for this despicable tide of rampant American xenophobia! Lots of Americans want immigrants to their country to learn its de facto national language! How horrid!

Inability to speak English in the United States virtually guarantees that you’ll have a tough–if not impoverished–life. Who, moreover, doesn’t want the US to follow the charming example of European multiculturalism–which Mr. Seib clearly finds superior to American “xenophobia”? Boy, the fact that, say, the Netherlands doesn’t compel its Muslim immigrants to learn Dutch is really working out swimmingly for them, isn’t it?

Yet it only gets worse. A distressing 57% of Americans strongly favor their government enforcing current illegal immigrant legislation by fining businesses that break the law. O, the humanity!

A warning to all American immigrants (and, last we checked, that’s all of us): Get out now before the pogroms start!

(Note: The crack young staff normally “weblog” over at “The Hatemonger’s Quarterly,” where they are currently wondering if our fragile American republic can survive the fearsome onslaught of Rupert Murdoch.)

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