Le Legion Etrangere d'Americain

For some time, I have argued that two of our problems of today are ready-made to solve each other — keeping up our levels of military recruits, and the deluge of illegal aliens. I don’t know where I first heard the idea, but I’ve always liked the proposal of setting up an “American Foreign Legion” within our military.

The idea is simple: aliens — both legal and illegal — can enlist in this Legion and serve this nation. After a certain period of time — say, three years — they can then apply for citizenship, and have their application fast-tracked. And yes, there would be exceptions for those wounded in service, and immediate family members would be given preferential treatment for those who died in the line of duty.

This would be a great idea. We would have access to a ready pool of potential service members who are willing to prove their commitment to this country — and in a couple of years, a bunch of new citizens who have already shown their dedication.

It’s not a complete solution to either problem, but it would certainly help a great deal.

Well, it turns out that others have had the same idea — and are pushing for it.

Here’s hoping that when the immigration bill rises from its grave yet again, this provision stays in. It’s one of the rarest things in Washington, DC — something that just oozes common sense.

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