Mahmoud Abbas Dissolves Palestinian Government, Declares Emergency

This is full-fledged civil war:

GAZA CITY (CNN) — President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority government and declared a state of emergency Thursday after four days of fighting that has left Hamas in control of much of Gaza, an aide to the Palestinian leader said.

The move comes after Hamas announced Thursday that Gaza is now under its Islamic rule, the first step to becoming an Islamic state.

Under the state of emergency, Abbas will have the authority replace the current Hamas Cabinet with his Fatah allies. The temporary Cabinet would have to be approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council after 30 days.

Currently, there is no government control in Gaza, according to Palestinian legislator Saeb Erakat.

“Gaza is now officially out of our control as the Palestinian Authority,” said Erakat, who is aligned with the Fatah party.

He blamed a “renegade force” in Gaza for staging a “major coup d’etat.”

“This is a coup against the president, against the Palestinian people, and against the Palestinian cause,” Erakat told CNN.

He called the situation “very, very grave” and said the violence is “setting us back 50 years at least.”

Actually, I’m surprised it has taken this long for Hamas to do something like this. Israel is, understandably, very concerned about Hamas having complete control of Gaza:

Israel has expressed concern about the possibility that Gaza could be solely controlled by Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday if Hamas gains control of Gaza it would have “regional implications” and he called for an international force to patrol the Gaza-Egypt border to prevent Hamas radicals from importing new and more powerful weapons into Gaza.

Update: Hamas claims to have found CIA files from Fatah buildings that it has taken over:

Terror groups including Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees have seized large quantities of CIA security files stored at major compounds of militias associated with the American.-backed Fatah organization of Palestinian Arab President Abbas, terror leaders told The New York Sun today.

The terror leaders claimed the files contain, among other things, details of CIA networks in the Middle East.

“The CIA files we seized, which include documents, CD’s, taped conversations, and videos, are more important that all the American weapons we obtained the last two days as we took over the traitor Fatah’s positions,” said Muhammad Abdel-El, spokesperson for the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror group.


According to Hamas sources, the terror group will soon advance on Gaza City’s Ansar Compound, one of the most important Fatah security establishments and the site at which American weapons have been delivered to Fatah the past few years. Security sources say Ansar contains large quantities of weaponry America provided to Fatah.

Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees leaders told the Sun upon taking over Gaza City’s Fatah compounds, particularly the Preventative Security Services building and intelligence compound, they seized large quantities of what they said were CIA files concerning the Middle East. Abu Abdullah, a member of Hamas’ so-called military wing, said, “Now our job is to study these files, which are already showing that they are crucial for our fight against the Zionists and anyone who collaborates with them, including the Americans.”

Mr. Abdullah said the CIA documents they browsed so far contain “information about the collaboration between Fatah and the Israeli and American security organizations; CIA methods on how to prevent attacks, chase and follow after cells of Hamas and the Committees; plans about Fatah assassinations of members of Hamas and other organizations; and American studies on the security situation in Gaza.”

Mr. Abdullah claimed the documents also detailed CIA networks in other Arab countries, and “how to help beat Islamic allies of Hamas in other Arab countries, including Egypt and Jordan.”

“We will use these documents and make portions public to prove the collaboration between America and traitor Arab countries,” Mr. Abdullah said.

By the way, the bloodletting that’s happening in Gaza right now with Hamas overrunning Fatah and setting up an Islamist state is nothing compared to what would happen if we leave Iraq too early.

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