False flags

A while ago, the British National Union of Journalists announced a boycott of Israel, along with calling for sanctions against the Jewish state by both Great Britain and the United Nations.

Oddly enough, last week Palestinians affiliated with Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (which, I thought, had changed their name to the “Yassir Arafat Martyrs Brigades” after that malignant tumor of a human being finally took the big dirt nap), affiliated with the “moderate” Fatah party, conducted yet another attempted invasion and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. This time, though, they were sneaky: they approached the border in a van with big “TV” markings, impersonating journalists.

This particular move might be novel, but it’s a variant on an older theme. Previously, the Palestinians have used UN vehicles (fake) and ambulances (real) in their attacks on Israel.

You know, this is a really clever idea. If you disguise yourself as a non-combatant, you have a far better chance of sneaking up and surprising your enemy. They won’t suspect a thing until it’s too late.

The only problem is that it is a flagrant violation of international law, and has been considered an atrocity and war crime for centuries. In fact, it has its own specific word and definition:


The traditional response of such acts has been to announce that the misused symbols and insignia have lost their protective value, and it is the responsibility of the misusers to restore them to their prior status. In this case, it would be well within Israel’s rights to announce that since their enemy has been using vehicles marked as UN vehicles, media vehicles, and ambulances to wage war, then it will consider all such vehicles potentially hostile and fire on them if they act in any way suspiciously. And it will continue to do so until the Palestinians somehow demonstrate that they will respect the sanctity of those markings and not misuse them.

That’ll never happen, of course. Israel is too humane, too civilized a culture to do what it would be fully justified in doing, and the Palestinians will never make a single concession towards respecting the rules of warfare — or of civilization.

But will this latest act of perfidy rouse the British press? Will it realize that the actions of the group they are so staunchly defending have put the very lives of their members at risk?

The cynic in me says that the Palestinians’ act was only a minor act of perfidy, as much of the media has been an ally of them (and an enemy of Israel) for a long time, and this is just an extension of prior events.

Ironically, the sole voice of reason here is from the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate, who realize that this attack increases greatly their chances of getting killed by Israel much, much greater. They are protesting it, in an open act of self-preservation.

But the next time a journalist complains about how they were treated by Israel, remember that the Palestinians are making it harder and harder to distinguish a journalist from a terrorist — and the journalists seem to have very little problem with it.

Welcome to Jew Hampshire!
Third Branch