Something to think about over the weekend

The Anchoress has a couple of posts I have been thinking about a great deal today. The posts have to do with the debate that has taken place on the right over the issue of immigration and the President. I am currently writing a piece on the topic, but it is still in draft and not finished, but I wanted to go ahead and link the Anchoress posts (here, here and here). They are somewhat lengthy and have many links (and trackbacks) that are worth following so by posting them now anyone interested will be able to get a head start reading them. I will try to finish my piece tonight and get it up for the weekend.

Update: I got about half way through the post I mentioned above and then got sidetracked by family activities this weekend. I apologize for not getting it done this weekend, but will finish it up and post next week. In the meantime, Sister Toldjah has plenty to say on the subject.

Marine Not Allowed to Wear Uniform at Graduation
Congressman William Jefferson Pleads Not Guilty to Bribery Charges