War Protesting Marine Loses Discharge Appeal

An Iraq war veteran who was recommended for general discharge because he wore his uniform to [an anti-war] protest lost his appeal Wednesday for a new hearing.

An attorney for Cpl. Adam Kokesh appealed after a military panel Monday recommended kicking him out of the Marines for the uniform infraction and using an obscenity in an e-mail to superior officers.

Kokesh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was pictured in uniform attending [an anti-war] protest in a photograph that appeared in The Washington Post.

Hmm, let me guess:

In about 30 years that guy will run for president, win the media/Democrat nomination, and will stride to the dais to begin his acceptance speech with the words: “Reporting for duty!”

Then a whole bunch of barking Moonbats — many of whom not even born until well after the end of the conflict in Iraq — reflexively will vote for Kerry F’n Kokesh and thus against whomever is nominated to be the eeevil ‘Repugnathug’ candidate.


Deja vu . . . all over again . . .

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