4th Bombing Suspect Surrenders in Trinidad

I could have picked others out of Google News but this headline grabbed me….

‘It was a setup’: Cowardly suspect
Gives up after begging pal to hide him

An officer escorts fourth suspect Abdel Nur (left) to Trinidad court yesterday after the fugitive turned himself in to face charges in JFK bomb plot.

The elusive fourth suspect in the JFK bomb plot turned himself in yesterday in Trinidad after a long-lost friend refused to shelter him – and warned he was on the front page of papers worldwide.

Looking tired after four days on the run, Abdel Nur turned up without warning at the front gate of the hillside compound of Michael (Abdullah) Campbell, who hadn’t seen him in 30 years.

“I told him, ‘They’re looking for you,'” said Campbell, 65. “The best thing you can do is turn yourself in. If they catch you, they might shoot.”

Within a couple of hours, Nur, 57, was led handcuffed into court and blasted authorities for framing him.

“It’s a conspiracy, there was a setup,” Nur blurted to reporters in the Trinidad capital of Port-of-Spain. “America never did nothing [to me].”

“I love you all,” he added.

After a short hearing, Nur was ordered jailed pending a hearing next week and hustled away.

Nur, who converted to Islam in a Canadian prison 25 years ago, is accused of plotting to bomb a pipeline and fuel depot at Kennedy Airport in a terror attack aimed at killing thousands.

But the man said he loved us all… Surely that must mean something right?

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