Third Republican Debate Tonight on CNN

John Hawkins will be live blogging.

So will be John Hinderaker at Power Line.

Hot Air has an open thread going.

Red State has an open thread too.

Sean Hackbarth has a list of pre-debate questions he is asking his readers to answer.

I’m sure that The Corner will be a great site to visit as well.

I’ll be watching it and, if something warrants it, will comment here, but I won’t be formally live blogging. For those who are watching it, feel free to leave your observations about the debate in the comments section.

Ok, Mike Huckabee was hysterical right out of the gate. During the introduction section, he introduced himself as the former governor of Arkansas and that he’s from a small town in Arkansas called Hope. “You may have heard of it. All I ask is give us one more chance.”

I really like Huckabee. I hope he does well tonight.

I agree with John McCain that the Iraq war shouldn’t be called Bush’s war; no one called Kosovo Clinton’s war because everyone knew that America wins or loses wars, not the president.

Rudy: This war is not a bumper sticker. This is a real war. – Yep.

Romney on immigration: enforce the laws that are on the books first.

Huckabee gave a moving answer to the question about evolution.

Believe it or not, I agree with Congressman Paul regarding “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”: People don’t get their rights because they’re part of a group or collective. They get their rights from their creator. That’s what’s called individual rights. Both inappropriate homosexual and heterosexual behavior in the military should be dealt with. It seems everyone else on the panel seemed to agree.

Should Libby be pardoned: some said no or not until they read the transcript. McCain said it’s too early to say since there’s still an appeals process going on. Rudy was the only one who stood up and said the sentence was completely out of line and bogus and that the crime of outing a covert agent was never committed. Romney said he would keep the option open. Brownback said yes, pardon him . Tommy Thompson expressed disgust that Burglar got his law license revoked but Libby got 30 months. Not fair. Tancredo said yes.

My heart breaks for the woman whose brother was killed in Iraq, but, man, this question was such a set up. John McCain stepped out from behind his podium and walked to the front of the stage to speak to the woman who asked the question. Even though this looked a little hokey, his answer was very heart-felt, I think. Oops! I just realized that they don’t have podiums anymore. They’re all sitting in chairs, so naturally they’re going to stand up. So ignore my hokey comment about McCain.

Lorie adds: I thought Tancredo’s reference to the Karl Rove “don’t darken the door” comment was weird in the context of the question he was asked. As if Bush is going to want to go anywhere near the White House after his term is up. He will probably have to be dragged kicking and screaming to get him to leave that ranch after 2008. What is Tancredo still doing there anyway? I was wondering the same thing about Tommy Thompson until I heard his answer to the audience question on healthcare. His answer was a good contribution to the discussion.

I agree with Kim about Pator/Governor Huckabee. I like him and especially liked his answer to the stupid evolution question.

Michelle has a good live blog post.

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