Did Hillary Clinton Get Work Done?


That’s the big question everyone’s whispering about but, apparently, no one has the nerve to ask out loud. From the Boston Herald:

So I’m in New Hampshire for the Democrats’ debate Sunday, watching on two huge screens. The instant Hillary appears, the woman behind me whispers, “Oh look at Hillary. She’s had work done!”

I put the question to WBZ’s political guru Jon Keller: Notice anything about Hillary? “Botox,” he replied, not missing a beat. “But it’s time for Botox to win one.”

He was referring to John Kerry and Botox. And elaborate dental work. And chin reduction. Google our senator, before and after.

Hillary’s new glow was all the talk on “The View.” This was when we needed Rosie O’Donnell to cut to the chase and bellow, “Did she get an eye job? A face lift?” Sadly, Rosie’s gone and nobody else dared admit what they were thinking.

It’s about time for Botox to win one? That comment is about as superficial as it gets. But it’s not a bad idea for her if you think about it. She has to compete with Silky Pony for the Democratic nomination, so who can blame her for wanting to get a touch up? Really, John Edwards should not be the prettiest candidate on the stage.

Update: The ever so kind and unbelievably diplomatic Lee Ward and jp2 kindly brought it to my attention that the Boston Herald updated its piece about Hillary with this photo and caption:


Hillary Rodham Clinton’s ‘flawless, almost dewy’ appearance at Sunday’s televised Dem debate, left, and her less dewy complexion the next day, right. (AP)

Thank you so much Lee and jp2. You are such gentlemen for so kindly pointing out the update on the Herald’s website for me.

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