Another Report from Iraq You Need to Read

Kim’s post below reminded me of a comment yesterday from BarneyG2000 who asked:

Lee, remember that Michael Yon exclusive?

I sure would like to see an update on that (since there is still no word of the events described ever tacking place on Yon’s site).Barney’s comment reminded me that I had not seen the full Yon story, but had only read the riveting excerpt at Instapundit. Glenn Reynolds quoted from an email from Yon, but the story had not yet been posted at Yon’s site. I decided to Google it last night and in about 2 seconds found the full Yon story. It is certainly worth your time to read. For those who missed the original post, Yon described the following:

I was present today when an Iraqi General was arrested on suspicion of murder and other crimes. The American commander, LTC Doug Crissman, narrowly averted a possible bloodbath today when he intervened, without orders from above, and arrested the General. The General was with 14 heavily armed men. I was a few feet away and snapped a photo of Crissman and the Iraqi General only seconds before Crissman silently grabbed the General’s pistol out of his holster. Crissman’s men had silently disarmed the other 14 men who were all around the building. The General was clueless. Incredible, and brilliantly executed by LTC Crissman. More in a couple of days. (I got it all on video/photo.)

Here is the link to the full Yon story that is packed with photos. It is a lengthy report, but definitely worth the time.

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