Who Has our Missing Soldiers?

Iraqi terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq, affiliated with al Qaeda, says they do and that they’re dead. From SITE Institute:

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella insurgent group comprised of al-Qaeda in Iraq and others, and its official distributor and producer of multimedia, al-Furqan Foundation for Media Production, produced a 10:41 minute video of the planning and attack of an operation in southern Baghdad where three American soldiers were captured. As yet the video has not been released by the group; however it was obtained by the SITE Institute. Titled, “Clash and Capturing Three Americans in the Governorate of Baghdad”, the video presents itself as a propaganda piece aimed at showing the failure and alleged refusal of the American military and U.S. President George W. Bush to care for the blood of its soldiers. Three American soldiers, Pvt. Byron Wayne Fouty, Spc. Alex Ramon Jimenez, and Pfc. Joseph Anzack, were captured following a clash between the Mujahideen of the Islamic State and an American patrol in al-Mahmoudiya on May 12, 2007; one of the soldiers, Anzack, was confirmed killed when his body was discovered in the Euphrates Rivers.

Narration speaks condescendingly of the American military and its refusal to heed the warnings of the Islamic State of Iraq to cease their search for the soldiers, else they would be killed, and explains that the soldiers conducting the search abused Muslims. Thus, the narrator explains that the soldiers were announced dead to end the search.

Laura Mansfield has heard the video and offers this analysis:

Although the video says that the Islamic State of Iraq is announcing the deaths of the soldiers, it has provided no evidence to verify their claim.

Historically, the Islamic State of Iraq has not hesitated to show executions of captives, so it is doubtful that this omission is out of any sense of decorum.

The video also makes the claim that they will not return the bodies but have buried them. This is also inconsistent with the previous documented behavior of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Just last June, ISI kidnapped two American soldiers. A video showing the desecration of their bodies was later released by the group.

The absence of any photographs of the captive soldiers is curious. Perhaps the soldiers wounded in the attack.

As of now, other than the photos of the ID cards and personal effects of the missing soldiers, ISI hasn’t released any footage indicating that they actually ever had these two missing men in their custody.

Let’s pray it’s all a ruse. Please keep Fouty’s and Jimenez’s families in your prayers.

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