The Feds to Investigate Islamberg

I wrote about Islamberg‘s training camp in upstate New York last month. It’s a closed community that scares the heck out of the locals, who have heard the sound of gunfire and small explosives coming from inside the camp. The feds are finally looking into this group:

A remote Muslim commune nestled in the Catskill Mountains has come under the scrutiny of state and federal authorities for possible ties to terrorism, according to law-enforcement sources.

Officials say Islamberg – a wooded, 70-acre encampment in upstate Tompkins, about three hours north of the city – acts as the headquarters for an outfit called Muslims of the Americas, widely believed to be a front for Jamaat al-Fuqra, founded by radical Pakistani cleric Mubarak Ali Gilani.

Reports of gunfire and military-style physical training at the camp have led some investigators to believe that the group’s members are preparing for homegrown jihad.

According to one account, a neighbor said he has seen commune members dressed in Port Authority uniforms.

Just great.

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