Switzerland's newest tourism industry: death

If Jack Kevorkian still has the urge to help people kill themselves, he can travel to Switzerland, which seems to have a vibrant death tourism industry. In fact, it’s so vibrant, Swiss prosecutors want the government to clamp down on it because foreigners can travel to a Switzerland suicide clinic and be dead hours later. From the London Telegraph:

Prosecutors are calling for tougher regulations on Switzerland’s assisted suicide clinics after uncovering evidence that some of the foreign clients they help to die are simply depressed rather than suffering incurable pain.

The clinics, which attract hundreds of foreigners, including Britons, every year, have been accused of failing to carry out proper investigations into whether patients meet the requirements of Switzerland’s right-to-die laws.

In some cases, foreign clients are being given drugs to commit suicide within hours of their arrival, which critics say leaves doctors and psychologists unable to conduct a detailed assessment or to provide appropriate counselling.

Andreas Brunner, the senior prosecutor of the Zurich canton, told The Sunday Telegraph: “We are not trying to ban the so-called death tourism, but the outsourcing of suicide must be put under stricter control.

“Prosecutors look into every suicide, assisted or not, and there are many cases where it is not clear whether the assisted person has chosen death in full possession of their decision-making capacity. But investigations are difficult due to lack of evidence after the suicide.

“We, therefore, demand that the federal government amend the legislation to enable closer and lengthier monitoring of suicide patients before their deaths.”

First, those in the death culture tell us to let the terminally ill or those who are in pain die with dignity by not just allowing them to kill themselves but by allowing doctors to assist them in the process. Now, we find that people who aren’t terminally ill or in pain but are just depressed, a state that can be reversed with the correct medications, are now finding it very easy to kill themselves as well.

Dymphna at Gates of Vienna notes how assisted suicide and abortion go hand in hand:

This reminds me of the convenient lie the pro-abortion faction used to get Roe v Wade past us: abortions ought to be “rare.”

It appears that euthanasia and abortion are fellow-travelers, doesn’t it? And human life gets cheaper by the day. These are the same people who lecture us for our “aggression.” I guess it’s okay to kill as long as it is Swiss-like: orderly and neat. Just as abortions are a “pro-choice” validation of women’s freedom?

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