Thompson's Questionable Clientele

An innocuous blurb in The Boston Globe led a Wizbang tipster to connect the dot and the results don’t look good for soon-to-be presidential candidate Fred Thompson. First the blurb:

With his role on NBC’s “Law & Order,” a stint on Paul Harvey’s radio show, and the buzz from his newly announced presidential aspirations, former senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee is getting a lot of air time these days.

They’re not for his campaign, but for a company called LifeLock, an Arizona-based firm that protects customers from identity theft.

Beginning this week, Thompson’s voice will grace 60-second ads for the company on radio networks nationwide.

[…] Betsey Griffin, media director for Lavidge Co., LifeLock’s ad agency, said Thompson agreed to do the radio spots because LifeLock has a special offer for servicemen and women deployed around the world.

“He felt like it was a good fit,” she said.

The problem is that the founder of LifeLock, Robert J. Maynard Jr., might be the last person on earth you’d want to entrust with your identity – something all LifeLock customers essentially do by signing over power of attorney to the company. The New Times has a detailed profile on the trail of trouble and lies that Maynard has left behind. Interestingly it includes multiple instances of alleged identity theft, jail time, a whooper of a lie told about the inspiration behind the creation of LifeLock, and a permanent ban by the government from offering or promoting credit improvement services.

Thompson might want to rethink that ad…

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