Who are the "real" terrorists?

In my column at Townhall today I help those confused about who the real terrorists are by giving them a few hints.

Remarkably there appear to be a growing number of people having trouble identifying who the “real terrorists” are. Here is a hint to help them. The real terrorists are the ones intentionally targeting innocent women and children, beheading as many Americans (and Jews) as they can get their hands on, and strapping bombs to their own small kids’ bodies sending them out to blow themselves up for the cause.

In the months, and even for a few years, following September 11, the horror of the attacks was still fresh and the importance of strongly addressing the threat of Islamic jihadism was understood. Today a growing number of Americans entertain wild theories that it was not 19 jihadists that brought down the Twin Towers, but rather was forces within our own government. Almost six years later, with no additional attacks on U.S. soil, many have grown weary of the fight. Some now even refuse to recognize the threat. In 2003, Michael Moore famously denounced George Bush’s “fictitious war.” Four years later, John Edwards, a major candidate in the Democrat’s presidential primary, said there was no war on terrorism – that it was just a “bumper sticker slogan.”

Those in the government who have to review the daily threat assessments know that there is nothing fictitious, or “bumper sticker,” about the terrorist threat. Those in Iraq discovering torture manuals in al Qaeda safe houses, or finding the mutilated bodies of their fellow soldiers tied to bombs, know that the terrorist threat is real. Hopefully it won’t take another September 11 style attack on U.S. soil to remind those who have forgotten who the real terrorists are.You can read the rest of the column at Townhall.com.

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