Joe Klein on Mitt Romney

Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt has a negative review of Joe Klein’s negative review of Mitt Romney:

The point of Klein’s article is that Mitt Romney rubs him the wrong way. There’s really nothing more substantive there, or certainly nothing more substantive that you haven’t already heard 8 million times before. As required by the Time Magazine style-book, Klein hits the flip-flop thing (breathtaking originality!) and misstates Romney’s past immigration positions which are the same as they are today, but big deal. Such things are all in a day’s work for a media Bigfoot. Fresh insights and reporting accuracy aren’t job requirements at dinosaurs like Time Magazine. No newsflash there.


As with the rest of Klein’s piece, it’s breathtakingly clichéd. In the eyes of super-smart reporters like Joe Klein, successful Republicans have only succeeded because they were so skilled at hoodwinking the unwashed masses who couldn’t recognize hokiness and “sleight of hand” when they stared them right in the eye.

Ronald Reagan got the same kind of relentless criticism from enlightened lefties for decades. Oh, how his purportedly empty platitudes about the greatness of America and the American people maddened the media. He, too, was labeled an anachronism, one that came straight out of the 1950’s. Why, the simpleton Reagan even selected “Family Ties” as his favorite TV show, a program that was frighteningly redolent of anachronistic 1950’s family values.

The fact that Romney has emerged as the candidate who most irritates the left is an unmistakably good sign for his campaign. Liberals by nature loathe their opponents. (Conservatives, on the other hand, mock their opponents.) The fact that Romney so angers adversaries like Andrew Sullivan, Joe Klein, and the Boston Globe is a good thing; for whatever reason, the only Republicans who ever get into the Oval Office are the ones who really rub lefties the wrong way.

Indeed. Dean’s post is worth reading all the way through.

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