Head case

Starting the day with a headache is, for me, a pretty good indicator that the day is going to be unpleasant. And I have two types of headaches that I sometimes get upon waking.

The first is a “headboard headache.” I get that when I sleep too “high” on the bed and have my head pushed up against a pillow, which is pressed against the headboard. The pressure on the top of my head (which, I must confess, has considerably less “padding” than in my younger days) gives me an unpleasant headache.

The second I call “light headedness.” It comes from falling asleep while reading, so I sleep — and then wake — with a light shining in my eyes. It’s a distinct form of headache.

It’s worse when I get both.

Like today.

They both tend to pass within a half an hour or so of waking, but they’re usually a bad omen for the day to come.

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