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Michael Yon described a pretty remarkable incident in an email to Glenn Reynolds. He got it all on video and in photos not yet posted.

I was present today when an Iraqi General was arrested on suspicion of murder and other crimes. The American commander, LTC Doug Crissman, narrowly averted a possible bloodbath today when he intervened, without orders from above, and arrested the General. The General was with 14 heavily armed men. I was a few feet away and snapped a photo of Crissman and the Iraqi General only seconds before Crissman silently grabbed the General’s pistol out of his holster. Crissman’s men had silently disarmed the other 14 men who were all around the building. The General was clueless. Incredible, and brilliantly executed by LTC Crissman. More in a couple of days. (I got it all on video/photo.)

It makes me angry that so many in the mainstream media are not interested in telling stories like this of the heroic accomplishments of those in our armed forces. Whether you think we should be in Iraq or not, our men and women there are doing some amazing work and it should be recognized. Unfortunately for them, their successes do not fit the current news template.

Actually this story might have a chance of making it in the MSM, since it is about a corrupt Iraqi general. It will be interesting to see how this one is covered.

Update: Jules Crittenden has a post filled with links to quite a few interesting accounts from the ground in Iraq.

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