No, Jimmy Carter Is Not The Worst President Ever

I have heard and read a lot of people who think James Earl “The Rabbit” Carter is the worst President in U.S. History. The charge seems to be in riposte to his claim that George W. Bush is the worst President in history, supported by, well, Jimmah’s opinion and nothing else.

Earlier this year, I began a comparison of U.S. Presidents, this time assigning upper and lower limits to each President’s possible strengths and capabilities, then assigning quantified values to each of those traits, then measuring each term according to the most- and lesser-needed of those traits, and thus a matrix for hypothetical competition has been drawn up.

The matrix, which I whimsically call the Major League Presidents (MLP), is a “regular season” of 146 match-ups for each President, followed by a “playoff” of the top 12 Presidents, ranked according to “division” and overall finishes. Through 32 such match-ups, a general trend has begun to show, and I thought it worth mentioning here, however briefly. At this time, President Carter is in 33rd place, with a 9-23 record. Not impressive, to be sure, but then again far from the worst.

I guess someone didn't get the memo...
Bush is an idiot