Memorial Day

Flopping Aces has a wonderful Memorial Day tribute titled simply “Remember” and Blackfive has an amazing Memorial Day weekend thank you from those left behind.

I will be in and out this weekend, but will update this post with additional Memorial Day links throughout the weekend. Feel free to add your own in the comments section or as a trackback. (If you trackback, be sure to link this post or it might not make it through the trackback spam filter.)

Update: A Patriotic Drive is on at Operation Gratitude and will be featured on Fox today.

The First Memorial Day That Hurt — Wide Awake Cafe

Confessions of a Chickenhawk on Memorial Day — Roger L. Simon

Jules Crittenden wonders why some in the media are celebrating Memorial Day with body counts — from only Iraq, not Afghanistan, no less.

How Not to Honor a Fallen Soldier — Michelle Malkin

America Doesn’t Forget — One Marine’s View

Danica Patrick - The Big Tease
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