Danica Patrick – The Big Tease


Two years ago we introduced you to Danica Patrick, at the time a rookie Indy car driver who was a serious threat to win The Indianapolis 500. We’ll it’s Indy weekend again (The Indy 500 airs Sunday, May 27 on ABC), and Danica is still a serious threat to win, but at this point in her career she’s a bit more Kournikova than Sharapova – as she’s never won an Indy race. She’s teased us with her good looks and racing ability, but she really needs to win a race to hit it big, and if she really wants to be an icon a jump to NASCAR wouldn’t hurt.

This year Danica is not the only female driver at Indy. She’s joined in the field of 33 by Sarah Fisher and current “it girl” Milka Duno. Duno, doesn’t hold a candle to Patrick…

Danica’s previous work in front of the camera, where she’s already a champion, is featured below (pictures are work safe, if a bit racey)…

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