Culture of Corruption

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats won in 2006 as much on the issue of corruption as on the situation in Iraq. She constantly berated Republicans for a so-called “culture of corruption” and pledged to bring ethics back to the Capitol.

Today, she appointed Congressman Bob Brady to head up the House Administration Committee. Bob Brady. He is most well-known at present for coming in third in the Philadelphia Mayoral primary last week and making a complete fool of himself when he failed to report his pension on his nominating petitions.

More disgusting, however, is Brady’s close ties to the boss of South Philadelphia, State Senator Vincent Fumo. The later was indicted by a federal grand jury in February on 139 counts, including mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction, and filing a false tax return. Among the more heinous of Fumo’s misdeeds was misusing $1 million of state funds and also misappropriating $1 million from a charity of his and diverting it to personal use or campaigning. He apparently also commandeered yachts from the Philadelphia Seaport Museum for personal travel.

On primary day last week, Brady went to the Fouth Street deli for lunch. He did not go alone. Shamelessly, he had lunch with Vincent Fumo. Click on picture number two here to see Fumo and Brady conversing.

Pelosi stated in a press release: “Congressman Brady’s experience as a leading member of the House Administration Committee and his in-depth knowledge of the internal functions of the House will make him a powerful voice as Chairman…I know Congressman Brady will expand upon the efforts of Chairwoman Millender-McDonald to promote equality and diversity on Capitol Hill.”

Equality and diversity is nice, but what about ethics, Nancy? The truth is that actions speak louder than words. If Republicans would stop fighting each other, and starting fighting Democrats, no one would ever hear the end of this.

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