Wizbang Podcast is up

The 62nd edition of the Wizbang Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Here’s what I thought you’d like to hear about today:

  1. The Body Armor Scandal – NBC is Scaring Families into Buying their Own Body Armor that Doesn’t Work
  2. The Gonzales Pseudo-Scandal – Democrats are Firing Blanks
  3. Restarting Iraqi Industries -Get Ready to Buy Iraqi Made Clothing at your Local Retailer Soon

The big story of this week’s podcast is the scandalous NBC Dateline broadcast that claimed that the Army is failing to supply proper body armor to the troops in Iraq. The real story is that an unscrupulous contractor is trying to scare families into buying inferior body armor, with their own money, to send to soldiers in Iraq. This is armor that failed multiple Army tests, and could kill anyone who wears it in theater. It’s nasty, and I have the details in the podcast.
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