Presidential News Conference at 11:00 a.m. EDT

Topics expected to be addressed include Iraq and the immigration bill. The cable news channels are covering live.

Update: The networks are covering live, too. I guess this was a pretty smart time spot to choose. Anyone tuning in to see The View, following yesterday’s fireworks, will see President Bush. Ha.

11:18 — Bush says talk that there is no war on terror is naive. He talks bluntly about what the threat is, even using the word “caliphate.” He should do this much more often.

11:30 — Bush responds to David Gregory question about whether or not he is credible on terror threat since he cited two year old intelligence by saying he wanted to be sure intel was credible and that if he was interested in politicizing it he would have cited that intel prior to the 2006 election. He says some don’t want to believe we are still facing the threat of terrorism at home and that is a comfortable position, but it is not the truth. Points out that we were viciously attacked before we were in Iraq and they have continued to attack. He tells Gregory that “they are a threat to your children, David, and whoever is in that Oval Office better understand it and take measures necessary to protect the American people.”

I am going to have to go offline now, but will link to a transcript when one is available.

Update: Here’s the transcript

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