Every now and then, bloggers will come up with similar ideas, themes, or notions and publish them, independently of each other, but with remarkably coincidental timing. For a week or so, I was half-convinced that my colleague DJ Drummond had a bug in my computer, as we were regularly scooping each other.

Well, today we have a couple of similar incidents.

First up, two excellent essayists both invoked the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The inestimable Bill Whittle uses it to explore various and sundry aspects of society here, then takes it into the future here. Meanwhile, former Guest Wizbanger Jeff Harrell applies the same scenario to the War in Iraq.

In another nice touch of synchronicity, two other superb bloggers write not similar pieces, but eerily complementary ones. Giacomo of Joust The Facts, who in “meatspace” is a real-live surgeon (with a really nice office and staff), discusses the illegal immigration situation in an approach I don’t recall seeing applied anywhere else — in a medical metaphor. It’s one I’ve considered before, but I lack Giacomo’s considerable expertise to pull it off.

But as well-crafted a comparison as it may be, is it really an apt one? Is the situation really so serious that we need to enact emergency treatment?

If you really need to know just how bad things are getting, then stroll on over to Captain Ed’s page, where he discusses how a community a good 1,500 miles from the incredibly porous southern border of the US has a horrific problem with illegal aliens — with women being forced into prostitution, and unable to go to the authorities because they were illegals.

That’s the sort of thing that, for me, is why I get so insanely angry over illegal immigration. It’s all about creating an underclass here, a group of untermenschen that we can exploit, use, abuse, mistreat, and treat as slaves. And we can do it with absolutely no fear that we will have to pay any penalty for it, because they will not want to draw the authorities’ attention for anything.

There are two simple solutions to this: the first is to simply grant them amnesty and end their illegal status with a wave of a pen. I resist this one because I believe that this cure is worse than the disease.

The other is to simply enforce the existing laws already on the books. A two-pronged approach, making it both far less simple to enter the United States illegally and far less rewarding. Build the wall and make it a hell of a lot more expensive to hire or otherwise aid and abet illegals within the United States. At the same time, loosen up the restrictions on legal immigration and streamline the process — a “carrot and stick” approach.

But first, we have to do what Giacomo suggests, and stop the bleeding. Otherwise, we’ll have even more cases like the one Captain Ed reported.

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