A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich

Today, the killer of Police Officer Bruce McKay, Liko Kenney, is being laid to rest. And in the aftermath of their deaths, more attention is being paid to the sole survivor of the shootout.

After a traffic stop, Kenney drove off from McKay. (The two had a fairly lengthy and unpleasant history.) McKay pursued and ran Kenney off the road, then pepper-sprayed Kenney and his passenger. Kenney shot McKay four times, then ran him over. Then, passerby Gregory Floyd came on the scene. He put his truck between McKay’s body and Kenney, then took McKay’s gun and ordered Kenney to put down his gun. When Kenney refused, Floyd shot and killed Kenney.

Well, a great deal of attention is being focused on Mr. Floyd. The Boston Globe has done some digging into his background, and he’s not exactly a boy scout. In fact, the retired Marine could easily be cast into the lone nut, the hermit, a spiritual kin to Randy Weaver or Timothy McVeigh.

The impression I have of him is someone who just wants to be left alone. In his one moment in the public eye, he did exactly what needed to be done, and did it well. Now he wants to go back to being himself, in his cabin in the woods, bothering no one and being bothered by no one.

I’d like to see him get his wish.

And I strongly suspect that he’s not going to have too many more problems with local police for some time to come.

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