Going South

With the likely success of the illegal immigration amnesty plan, I find myself wondering what next we can do to stem the problems caused by illegal aliens in the United States. And as is my wont, I find myself looking for a novel solution to the situation. And I think I have one.

It’s time to take over Mexico.

I don’t care if we annex them, invade and conquer them, buy them outright, or just make ’em an offer they can’t refuse. Making Mexico part of the United States will solve a lot of problems.

1) The current number of illegal aliens estimated within the United States varies, but I’ll say 20 million. (It’s as good a number as any, and it actually makes my math a little simpler.) The experts also guess that 54% of illegal aliens are Mexicans, which means that 10.8 million Mexicans are here in the US, and illegal.

Mexico’s population is around 108 million. That means that 10% of the population is here already. Toss in how many are here legally, and we have a nation that is pretty much ripe for the picking.

2) Every year, Mexicans in the US send about $17 billion back home. Their total GDP is around $740 billion, so that means that they depend on us for 2.3% of their total income. They’re already our dependents.

3) Mexico’s northern border is about 3100 miles. Their southern border is about 1200 miles. If we absorbed Mexico, we’d be reducing the border we’d need to secure by about 60%.

4) Mexico has tremendous natural resources, yet many of its people are so poor that they have to flee the country to make a living. It would be a tremendous blow for social justice to reduce (I won’t even dream about ending) the legendary corruption and exploitation of the lower classes by bringing American justice to the poor. Just imagine what the ACLU alone could do in Mexico.

5) One of the rallying cries of the “open borders” crowd has been how the US “stole” about a third of their country — “and you took the part with roads!” I once heard a Mexican comedian proclaim. Well, this would rejoin the long-sundered territory.

A while ago, I suggested a bit of “payback” with Mexico and the call for open borders. The time for that solution has passed; more drastic measures are called for.

Can I have a second for my motion?

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