Ham's Commencement Speech Rule

Mary Katharine makes a great observation in her Examiner column today.

I have a theory that the fewer headlines a commencement address gets, the more likely it was actually written for its ostensible audience — the students. Edwards’ speech got a lot of ink this week, as did his new Web site, which encourages those same 20-somethings to “speak out” at all of the nation’s Memorial Day parades. You know, for those who have the time and inclination to disgrace their forebears before getting jobs.

Hillary Clinton got less attention, but still a goodly amount, for her speech to Claflin University in South Carolina. In it, she outlined her plan to make college cheaper, using government funds of course, for all the students graduating after the ones sitting in front of her. Had I been her speechwriter, I think I would have added that the student center was gonna finally get that Chick-fil-a they’d always wanted, too. Sorry, Class of 2007!

Well, some say, Edwards and Clinton are political figures. Their speeches must necessarily be flagrantly political. Not necessarily. She then takes a look at commencement speeches from Elizabeth Edwards, Gen. John Abizaid, and Tony Snow and puts them to the test.

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