I'm on a road to nowhere…

Last week, I won a contest on the radio. The station is a couple of hundred yards from my home, so I figured it would be easy to collect.

Nope. The prize was at a car dealership, 30 miles from home.

Earlier this week, I took a trip down to pick up the prize.

Turns out it was a gift card for a pizza place/bar. A quite good one.

That’s maybe a hundred yards from my house, in the opposite direction from the radio station.

Anyone in the Lebanon area wanna help me burn off that gift card some evening?

Updates: 1) I combined the trip with my bi-weekly grocery expedition — groceries are a heck of a lot cheaper in Claremont than in the Lebanon area; B) the pizza place is in Lebanon, NEW HAMPSHIRE; III) I like puppies and children, when prepared and served properly; beaches are nice, but sand tends to get into uncomfortable places.

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