Five questions, no answers expected

I don’t like to talk about abortion, thanks to some sound advice I learned from Jerry Williams, the late talk show legend. He said he never discusses it on the air, because 1) everyone already has their opinion; B) nobody is about to change their mind; and III) nothing new has been said about the issue in decades. I consider myself “squishily” pro-choice; I am appalled and disgusted by it, but I am not secure enough in my beliefs that I wish to make them into law. I found myself nodding when Bill Clinton declared his intent to make it “safe, legal and rare.” (Pity his deeds never came close to his words.)

That being said, I saw the story about Planned Parenthood. And I was appalled.

Planned Parenthood has long been an opponent of reporting laws. They’ve fought parental notification laws, and here their agent is clearly violating the mandatory-reporting law involving sexual abuse of a child (in the eyes of the law). I had a few thoughts about this.

1) Why does Planned Parenthood oppose those laws so strenuously, if they’re just going to ignore them anyway?

2) Could some enterprising person put this report with similar incidents to pull together a RICO prosecution?

3) Considering how many incidents like this have happened, why hasn’t Planned Parenthood cracked down on its own staff?

4) Have they ever thought about changing their name to be more reflective of their actions, to something like “Preventing Unplanned Parenthood?”

5) Is the Planned Parenthood representative in the video still working there?

Only one of those questions is sincere.

Update: I believe I misquoted The Dean: a closer approximation of what he said would be “nobody is about to change their mind on abortion based on anything they hear on a talk show.” The same principle, I believe, applies to blogs.

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