DNC Sets Debate Schedule; Fox News Excluded

What complete wussies. The Democrats are too scared to face the tough questions like those asked of the Republican candidates last night. From TVNewser:

CNN and NBC get two and ABC and CBS get one each. Fox News isn’t included. Here’s the list:

July 23, 2007: YouTube/Google and CNN in Charleston, SC

August 19, 2007: ABC in Des Moines, IA

September 26, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Hanover, NH

October 30, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Philadelphia, PA

November 15, 2007: CNN in Las Vegas, NV

December 10, 2007: CBS in Los Angeles, CA

The Republicans are willing to face any panel from any network or cable news channel while the Democrats only will go in front of those they think will lob them softballs. Typical of the party that cuts and runs from any situation that becomes too hard. And we’re supposed to trust these guys to protect us from Islamofascism? Right. The Democrats are a complete joke.

Roger L. Simon comments on the Dems’ refusal to go on Fox News:

Well, it obviously attests to the extreme need for ideological purity on the part of the Democrats, even in an era when such purity has clearly shown itself to be fake (cf. Bill Clinton, whose actual policies may be seen to be to the right of George Bush’s from a conventional perspective.) More than that, however, it signals a kind of breakdown in the democratic process in which one side or another can refuse to submit to questioning from its opponent.

You could call that “stonewalling” or perhaps, more pejoratively, “censorship”. But I think there’s a simpler word – cowardice.

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