Rosie is back on WTC Building 7 and Melted Steel

Newsbusters has the latest from Rosie on that whole fire can’t melt steel, WTC 7 controversy. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been doing her homework and had some pretty spirited responses to the conspiracy theories. Doesn’t ABC realize that it would be great television to book the Popular Mechanics guys who investigated the tower collapses? Heck, if Rosie thinks they are Bush agents, then ABC can invite additional guests as well, but the show really should either stop letting Rosie spread wild conspiracy theories or have some qualified experts on to explain what really did happen on 9/11. If they did that Rosie would be exposed as a bit of a nutcase and I don’t think she will allow them to do that, especially since she will be gone in a few weeks anyway. For those wondering, this all appears to have come up again in the context of a discussion about Rudy Giuliani’s performance on 9/11. You won’t believe Rosie’s theory of how Giuliani covered up the suspect steel. It is out there — even for her.

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