Monday Night Heroes Discussion

OK, Lorie seems to have WAY too much fun with her “24” postings, so I’m going to get the jump on her and do my very first “Heroes” bit.

Needless to say, I love the show.

And while everyone else who talks about shows wants to discuss what happens or what might happen or what it all means or how much the show has tanked since when it was cool, I thought I’d try something a little different.

We know that, in one possible future, New York gets nuked.

We also know that there are three heroes who could do it — Ted, Sylar, and Peter.

We also know that Linderman could arrange it with a real nuke, and then blame it on Sylar or Ted. (Blaming it on Peter would cause too many problems for Nathan.)

So there’s four possibilities for the nuking. I’d like to invite folks to speculate on another way for the Big Apple to get baked, and the sillier the better.

I’ll start it off: Jessica punches something so hard, she splits atoms and triggers a chain reaction.

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