McCain on the War

I disagree with John McCain on a lot of things, but I have been very impressed with his stand on the war and I have nothing but praise for the following quotes of his from this weekend’s Meet the Press.

“It’s my job to give my best estimate to the American people — no matter what the political calculations may be — as to what’s the best in our nation’s national security interest. Young men and women are risking their lives as we speak in Iraq, and I know that they will be in greater harm’s way if we withdraw from Iraq as we keep debating over and over and over again. And I know what’s best in my mind and my experience and my knowledge and my inspiration as to what’s best for this country.”

“I know what war is, I know how evil these people are. I know what war and peace is about, and I know the consequences from my study of history and knowledge and background — the consequences of failure. So if I’m the last man standing, I have an obligation to do what my conscience and my knowledge and my background and everything I’ve known through my well-experienced life is best for this country, and I will not change from that position. But I also understand what public opinion does and what democracies do, but that doesn’t mean that I change my views and my positions and blow in the direction in which the political winds are blowing.”

— John McCain, NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 5/13/07

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