Bruce Kesler has the facts behind, an organ of the Democrat party, aligned with its most fringe elements. I am in favor of groups and individuals being able to say what they want, but is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt group that is supposed to be non-partisan. Instead of targeting all politicians that voted against the Democrats’ plan to cut and run, however, they have only targeted Republicans. He also points out how the group is able to collect unlimited amounts of money from anonymous donors.

MSNBC says the source of funding for can’t be ascertained because “One alluring feature of using these tax-exempt groups is that – unlike campaign committees – the donations to a 501(c)(4) are anonymous and unlimited in amount. A single donor could, under cover of the 501(c)(4)’s anonymity, give $20 million or $200 million to pay for political ads.”

Read the whole thing. There are plenty of not only active duty military, but also their family members, who support the mission in Iraq and oppose the slow bleed Democrats are attempting with the funding bills. I would like to see some of them use the paid media with ads that would present the pro-mission message. It is a sure thing the free media is not going to give them the time and attention it has given the anti-war Left.

Update: Lee Ward pointed out that I left the “s” off of in the post title and in one of several references in the post. I fixed the one in the post, but I can’t fix the title without messing up the permalink so it will have to remain “s”-less. I apologize.

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