Celebrate Memorial Day the Anti-war Way

John Edwards has a Memorial Day message that many of the troops will definitely not appreciate. The Washington Post loved it though. Enough in fact that they directly linked it from their website — free of charge. I wonder if the other candidates will get similar treatment. Here is Edwards’ patriotic message.

Take Action May 26th, 27th, 28th
As citizens, we honor and support our troops for their service and sacrifice.

As Americans, we are blessed by that sacrifice and support, which keeps us safe and keeps us strong.

As patriots, we call on our government to support our troops in the most important way it can – by ending this war and bringing them home.

This Memorial Day weekend, we will all take responsibility for the country we love and the men and women who protect it. We will volunteer, we will pray, and we will speak out. Each of us has a responsibility to act, a duty to our troops and to each other. Support the troops. End the war.Link via Newsbusters, who noticed a strange detail on the Washington Post donkey/elephant party graphic.

Update: Jack Army has a better idea of a way to celebrate Memorial Day this year.

Update II: Spree at Wake Up America has a great roundup of reaction, along with contact information for Edwards and Washington Post advertisers.

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