Strange Rumors about Governor Sebelius and those Iraq comments

[I wrote the post below yesterday afternoon, but held it because this one just seemed too far fetched to be real, but as I say below, I thought the same about the Clinton intern rumor and it turned out to be true. Now that Hot Air and others are writing about it, I decided to post it. I say treat this one as an interesting but unsubstantiated story, but still think that whether or not anyone else directed her to do it, Governor Sebelius’ comments about the National Guard were disgusting political opportunism (and just plain dishonest).]

On Sean Hannity’s radio show today this (from Free Republic) was a topic of discussion:

I was listening to the Quinn & Rose show this morning on XM radio when Host, Jim Quinn told his audience that Howard Dean called Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius early, around 5 am, one morning after the tornado had destroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas and discussed with her what to say about the tornado and how to blame the war in Iraq and the Bush administration on a slow response to the aftermath.

He also said that she, Gov. Sebelius, called Senator Sam Brownback’s office only to learn he wasn’t there but then called him on his cell phone and reached him while he was in his car were she confessed to him that she had been instructed by her party leadership, (more specifically, Howard Dean) on how to politicize the tornado’s destruction of Greensburg and attack the White House and the Iraq war for a seemingly slow response. She reassured the Senator that her allegations didn’t blame him or Pat Roberts, also a Kansas Senator, for the lack of immediate response.

That would explain her public statements to the press that proved later to be untrue. She made statements to the effect that the Iraq war and the deployment of the national guard units to Iraq from her state has left Kansas without the equipment and man power needed to respond more quickly to the tornado’s aftermath. This all turns out to be false and the governor herself has back tracked on her own claims.I find it almost impossible to believe any Democrat would admit anything like this to a Republican. If anything even close to this was said to Brownback then he would be in big trouble for not coming forward with it. This one sounds too outrageous to be true, but that is what I said when I first heard the intern allegations involving Bill Clinton.

Whether or not Sebelius took direct orders from Howard Dean or anyone else in the Democrat party, she certainly played politics with the disaster and, it appears, she likely told a few untruths in the process.

Update: Bob Owens has an update saying Brownback has denied the claim.

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