Maybe they want to call it "assault with a friendly weapon?"

This morning, while poking through the online newspapers, I saw a headline that I figured would be good for a posting. “Victims’ advocates irate as SJC rules sex through deceit not rape.” This, I figured, was a great opportunity to rip the militant feminists, the PC whackos, the “men are always responsible for their actions, and women almost never are” jerks who put all the blame on the guy when two people get plastered and boink — then, later, one of them regrets their drunken tryst. So some guy conned a woman into bed. Big deal. It’s reprehensible, but shouldn’t rise to the level of rape.

Then I read the actual story.

The article cited two cases that had been prosecuted as rape. In one, a guy impersonated his brother in the dark to have sex with the brother’s girlfriend — waking her from a sound sleep. In the other, a physiotherapist told an ignorant young woman that sex with him was an essential part of the abortion she was seeking.

In one case, we have a clear-cut case of fraud and deception, as well as exploiting the woman’s lack of full consciousness. In the other, we have the abuse of power and authority.

I have no problem with either of them being classified as rape. Hell, if I’d been on either jury, I’d have asked the judge if there were any more charges we could pile on.

Hell, by the “drunken tryst” standard, they were rape. In neither case did the woman give fully informed consent. In one case, she was deceived as to the identity of her partner. In the other, she trusted an authority figure who abused that trust in the most heinous way.

Every time I think that Massachusetts can’t disappoint me any more, they find a new way. I never saw this one coming. If anything, I figured Massachusetts would be tougher on “rape” than most states — it plays into so many of their biases: the oppressive masculine hierarchy, the women-as-victims theme, the womens’ rights movement, and so on.

But they did decide to decriminalize this form of sexual assault.

Way to go, Bay State.

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