"I Don't Want to Come Home Until We Win"

In my Townhall column this week I talk about how important it is that we don’t surrender in the Iraq media war.

In Arlington last week, someone asked military blogger Jim of Sgt. Hook what he would say to those who want to support the troops by bringing them home. He said he would tell them “I don’t want to come home until we win.”

Increasingly the prospect of winning in Iraq is presented by the Democrats in Congress, and most of those reporting in the mainstream media, as a pipe dream. Ignore the defeatists. You might have to look a little harder to find them, but there are many who believe victory in Iraq can be achieved and that it will be in spite of the efforts of those in the U.S. Congress and the media – unless we surrender, that is.

Speaking on a panel at the milblog (short for military blog) conference last weekend, Bill Roggio, who has embedded as a journalist in Iraq and Afghanistan, said it is well known through documents we have discovered that much of the enemy’s strategy revolves around manipulation of the media. He said the enemy cannot beat us on the battlefield so they employ a strategy of attacks planned specifically for maximum media coverage and effect. This strategy has been quite successful.

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