Giving the Vista Devil its Due

So I wasn’t looking forward to it…. The big technology “it” this year. Deploying Vista. You’ve all heard the horror stories, horrible driver support, unresolved bugs, stupid security alerts that are annoying as crap… but so fun to mock.

And I’m sure all the personal horror stories are true (I know I’ve fought several myself) but I have to give Vista 1 very large prop. They FINALLY fixed networked printing. Back in 1987 I could go to a Mac, browse all the printers on the network, pick one then simply print to it. (You know… and have it actually work.)

It took Microsoft 20 years to figure out how to do it but it finally works and I must say, it works well. I had a client who bought a new Laptop with Vista and when it came time for me to install his 3 networked printers, he said “Oh, printers? I’m going to run next door for lunch do you want anything?” He knew it would take a while

I had the 3 printers installed and caught up to him before he had even been seated. It was astounding. I must say the whole networked printer install thing is great.

Other than that, mostly they just rearranged XP, put in a few more pretty windows (which means you need to click 3 more times to get anything done) and added that annoying security popup thingie. Really there is nearly nothing much different than XP other than maybe the sidebar widget thing…

Frankly if I where Bill Gates and it took over 10,000 employees 5 years and over $10,000,000,000 to do so little, I’d feel ripped off. — I’m not being overtly critical but really, it was a colossal amount of money for not much change.

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If you’re reading below the jump, I’ll add they also FINALLY fixed the absolutely horrific embarrassment of a search tool. Other than that? — meh

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