Good News from Iraq — Anbar and Diyala

A.J. Strata is writing about some signs of progress in Diyala.

The Democrat’s and al Qaeda’s worst nightmares apparently are taking shape in Iraq’s Diyala’s Province. The model of success seen in what was the insurgent/al Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province is now taking shape in Diyala as the Arab/Muslim street is rising up – against al Qaeda!:

Arab tribesmen in Baquba have said they will form a tribal alliance to cleanse the Diyala province of foreign fighters and those of the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, pan- Arab al-Hayat newspaper reported Thursday.

Tribesman Sheikh Wameed al-Jabouri told al-Hayat that a number of tribes had signed a cooperation agreement to undertake this mission and to bring the city back to how ‘it used to be.’ The agreement could be considered ‘a national charter’ that proves their rejection of the actions of the terrorist groups, al-Jabouri said.

We have the “civil war” we wanted in Iraq. We have the moderates fighting the Islamo Fascists. We have been told to back off and let them take care of security. This is great news. It means the Surge could produce the stability needed because the Sunni’s and others who have given al Qaeda and thei ilk sanctuary to kill and maim are now changing sides (to a degree). What this means is the picture presented of Anbar and Diyala in the coming months will be one of huge progress and success. Bill Roggio talked about similar progress in the Anbar province at the milblog conference last weekend and discusses this development in Diyala at The Fourth Rail.

The U.S. and Iraqi security forces have preparing the battlefield in Diyala until the full compliment of U.S. forces are in theater and able to finish securing the Baghdad “belts” – the regions surrounding Baghdad. The Diyala Campaign is only is its opening phase, with U.S. and Iraqi forces conducting raids, search and destroy missions, establishing forward operating bases and logistic nodes in preparation for the full assault sometime early this summer. The establishment of the yet to be named Diyala Salvation Front is a crucial element to establishing local intelligence networks and an auxiliary force to hunt al Qaeda.

The influence of Sheikh Sattar al Rishawi and his Anbar Salvation Council cannot be underestimated in the formation of the anti al Qaeda tribal alliance in Diyala. The Anbar Salvation Council has been operating outside its provincial boundaries and has sent emissaries into Diyala, Salahadin, Niwena and other provinces in an effort to expand his anti al Qaeda Awakening movement nationwide.

Update: Mohammed Fadhil asks Americans to stay:

I wasn’t surprised when I saw Al Qaeda’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, appear on Al Jazeera to announce America’s defeat last week, not long after U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did. Zawahiri claims Al Qaeda has won, and Reid claims America has lost.

But from here in Baghdad, I see only a war that’s still raging – with no victory in sight for Al Qaeda or any other entity. In fact, I see Al Qaeda on the ropes, losing support among my fellow Iraqis.

And so, as an Iraqi, I say without hesitation: the American forces should stay here, and further reinforcements should be sent if the situation requires them. Not only that, these forces should be prepared to expand their operations whenever and wherever necessary to strike hard at the nests of evil that not only threaten Iraq and the Middle East, but seek to blackmail the whole world in the ugliest way through pursuing nuclear weapons.

It is up to us to show tyrants and murderers like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah, Syria’s Bashar Assad, and their would-be imitators who seek to control Iraq’s people and wealth that we, the people, are not their possessions. They can’t take out our humanity and they can’t force us to back down.

The world should ask them to leave our land before asking the soldiers of freedom to do so.Read it all.

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