Conservative Democrats to Side with Bush on Iraq Funding?

That’s according to John Aravosis at AmericaBlog, so I can’t be sure how accurate this is. But this is what John is reporting:

It’s time to replace some conservative Democrats in Washington, DC. I just heard from an impeccable source that there is serious concern on the Hill that conservative Democrats in the House will vote with the Republicans to strip any and all restrictions from the Iraq supplemental tomorrow, effectively giving Bush all the money he wants with no restrictions and no effort to hold either him or the Iraq government accountable for anything. I.e., they will vote to continue this war along the same disastrous course because they’re too afraid to challenge George Bush and his failed leadership.

Let me reiterate: This isn’t some idle rumor. The concerns are coming from Hill sources themselves.

Yes, while the Republican leaders of the House and Senate are publicly claiming that they won’t give Bush a blank check, they’re maneuvering behind the scenes to do just that. And while Republican members of Congress are supposedly laying down the law for Bush in private meetings, on the House floor they’re going to give Bush everything he wants and needs to continue the war indefinitely.

If that happens, then we need to hang this war, and hang every lost life and every wasted dollar, around the neck of every Republican and conservative Democrat who betrays our troops and our country tomorrow.

If this post is accurate, then I’m really curious how many of these conservative Democrats are newly elected Democrats from November 2006. As expected, the Left isn’t pleased at all with the fact that conservative Democrats actually have minds of their own. Speaker Pelosi and Jack Murtha will lose their minds over this. Only if this is true, of course.

Dan Riehl:

Problem is, is this being put out to drum up pushback from the Left early, or is their cause really lost? I can’t say for sure.

Update: In what can only be described as unbelievable irony, someone who calls him/herself Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left is ticked as hell that conservative Democrats may be rebelling from the Collective.

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